Glossary of Pension Terms and Phrases (G)

Here are a list of pension terms and pension phrases beginning with the letter G.


Short for 'Gilt edged securities'. These are fixed rate bonds issued and guaranteed by the UK government. The bonds pay a fixed interest. They are traded on the Stock Exchange, and can also be purchased at Post Offices through the National Stock Register. Originally, the bond certificates had a gold border, hence the name Gilt Strip.

Golden Handshake

A term used for a large cash sum, some of which will is often tax free, paid to employees who leave their employment (often not of their own choosing).

Green Book

The green book is a London Stock Exchange publication outlining USM trading regulations.


The total sum, prior to any deductions.

Group Pension

Mainly operated by an employer for a group of employees and may be a 'conventional' scheme where the employer helps fund the arrangement, or it may be a group personal pension scheme where the grouping is merely for administrative convenience. See also occupational pension scheme.