Combined Pension Forecasts (CPFs)

A Combined Pension Forecast (CPF) is a government scheme launched in October 2001. It involves employers, pension providers and Third Party Administrators working with The Pension Service to give individuals estimates of their State Pension alongside their personal or occupational pension scheme information. It helps to provide a better understanding of your likely income in retirement by combining details of your occupational and personal pension and your State Pension forecast. CPF can also encourage individuals to review their pension arrangements every year and consider whether these will meet their requirements when they retire.

A CPF is provided on a voluntary basis by employers and pension providers in partnership with The Pension Service, so not all pension schemes participate in the service.

The CPF service is currently unable to provide schemes with State Pension information, as the Pension Service is updating the IT systems used to produce State Pension estimates. The service will resume when these updates are completed (probably by the end of 2012).